Video talking about benefits to smoking marijuana...

god-man-bingIn April, we reported to you that there are scientists out there who believe that human beings have "evolved" to better benefit using marijuana.

Some of you rejoiced at this news, as it merely gave a learned perspective to something many marijuana users and supporters have been claiming:

Marijuana use not only isn't bad for you (if you are an adult that is, as use by young adults can in fat be detrimental), but can be very beneficial.

But some of you, the nay sayers and Doubting Thom-asses that you are, brushed off that report believing it to be the Burn Boy stepping all over himself to try and justify his drug addiction.


Here is a neat little video from our pasty friends at the BBC to speak a little more about the perceived human evolution to use marijuana (as well as about forty seconds of fine propaganda from or good friends at NORML)

Have a gander, won't you???

Everybody must get stoned...

not-crackWhy is it when European news agencies talk about marijuana it is in this intelligent and honest way and when American Media talk about marijuana it seems as though the discussion has really not evolved too far from the "Marijuana will make the Negros rape the white women and cause the Mexicans to become lazy and violent" rhetoric spewed by Harry Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst (the two jackasses leading the charge behind the 1937 beginning of marijuana prohibition)???




Thankfully, the American public (while perfectly happy ignoring the important things going on in their nation in order to focus as much attention as possible on Lindsey Lohan) seem to be smartening up to the bullshit spewed by the media (as well as the Government) about marijuana and the effects of it on its users.

reefer-madnessMaybe it is because the last three presidents have been admitted marijuana users (truthfully, one of them claimed he didn't inhale but even he knows that was a weak lie) once in their lives.  Or because marijuana usage on a whole in this country has increased over the past few decades and all of those nightmare scenarios of lives left in ruin, rampant racial interbreeding and homosexuality, and unquenchable bloodlust never really panned out.

In fact, other than an oddly successful career of Carrot Top, there have been relatively few negatives spawning from all this marijuana use...

And now it seems as though not only did all that "Marijuana usage will lead to a social Doomsday" nonsense turn out to be total bullshit, but all those PSAs and demonization efforts about the terrible physical, mental, and emotional effects that marijuana usage brought with it seem to be a steaming pile as well.



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