Video: Girl throwing puppies...

1_1_1_puppy_lead-420x0Thanks to the internet I have managed to see some of the most god awful things imaginable.  I have watched dictators hung, prisoners executed, journalists beheaded, refugees rapes, and every other act of barbaric human behavior.

And despite all of that, I can honestly say that this video may have been too much.  Ladies and gentleman, "Girl Throws puppies in river"...

***Warning: The video linked below is rather graphic, kind of disturbing, and very not safe for work.  Remember... you can't "unsee" things after you see them. ***

bucket-of-puppiesThe video depicts a young blonde Serbian girl in a red hoodie tossing a bucket full of puppies into a briskly moving river.

(And yes, watching someone kill a bucket full of puppies is as horrible as one would think it is.)

The girl does not seem to be all that upset to be sending the whimpering puppies to a watery grave in the video (even being heard upon tossing one of the puppies going "Weeee").  It has also been reported by some on the internet that the girl asks her brother (believed to be the cameraman) if the puppies could swim.

Cruella De Ville

puppy-throw-girl-pic-mirror-grab-image-2-77689548Leave it to a video of puppies getting drowned to light a fire under the world's ass.

Once the video started going viral, an overwhelming flood of controversy fell upon it.

The video was eventually kicked off of the YouTube (due to complaints), but not before prompting the Bosnian police to open up a formal investigation into the matter and PETA putting a $2000 bounty on this puppy killing twat's head.

A video appeared n Wednesday, allegedly from the girl who shot the original video, apologizing for her monstrous actions.

The video featured text over a picture of the puppy tosser stating:

buck-o-pup"My name is Katja Puschnik and I would like to apologize [sic] for my behavior. The puppies belong to my grandma and she told me to get rid of them because they were only 3 days and they were ill. They had parasites from their mother. I didn't knew [sic] exactly what to do so I thrown [sic] them in the river because it was a short death. I did not want to make them suffer. I am really sorry for this :("

(There had been a video but it has since been removed due to allegations that the name mentioned within it may not have been the person to have committed the act but rather a German girl subject of a cruel prank...)

Puppy Tossing

alg_throwing-puppiesWow... hat a cunt this girl must be.

What kind of monster gets told to kill a bucket full of cute puppies (even if they did happen to be sick and the only merciful course of action was to put them down) and does it with a fucking smile on her face???

One can only hope that when this black hearted monster happens to procreate her offspring meet a similar fate (trust me; it would be for the good of the species). 


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