Juice Boxes making your kids gay!!!!!!

conspiracy-theory-rockMy wife is often concerned that one day my brain is going to venture too far down the conspiracy bunny hole and never make it out again.

Usually I laugh at her, tell her not to buy into the media created portrayal of the “wing nut” conspiracy theorist- strung out on his own paranoid delusions.

But then I came across this video clip of Alex Jones losing his mind this past week and had to have a come to Jesus moment…

Juice Boxes make you GAY…

alex-jonesOn the Wednesday September 22, 2010 edition of his nationally syndicated radio program, Alex Jones kind of lost his cool while addressing the Globalist attempt to limit population in the Western world by making us all gay.

There is no way I could ever do justice in trying to explain it all so please watch the clip…

Catch the sun… Carisun!

paranoid-bartThis is my single biggest pet peeve with these “Beware of the Globalist Agenda” guys (of which in many ways I am one of).

Guys like Alex Jones (of whom I am a fan of and will admit that he does have an awful lot of the things he happens to talk about come to fruition) that go “all in” on combating the spread of the Globalist Agenda end up seeing that agenda in EVERYTHING; basing their fears on the paranoia of the evil motivations of the powerful invisible hands that seem to move global events.

triskaidekaphobiaNot that it is wrong to be thinking there is something going on in the direction the world seems to be heading these days and finding the way that these things seem to simply fall into place ever so neatly…

There must be something to the belief that there is some unseen force that shapes the unfolding of events…

It does not seem too hard for some people to believe that cabals of shadowy megalomaniacal “Masters of the Universe” types are taking time out of their busy days of crippling the global economy and dancing naked at the Bohemian Grove to sit and plot the easiest way to kill off a good number of the world’s population.

But for a person to believe, be it in flight of fancy or sober thought, that there is a movement to conquer the world is one juicyflexthing…

To go so far as to believe that the lining inside the juice boxes we give our children contains chemicals specifically included into them in order to turn our population in to homosexual is a bit much.

It’s over thinking yourself by a million.

If you want to say that there are dangerous chemicals in juice boxes due to the lining inside of the packages…. Ok, I’m listening.

gay-super-gayWant to tell me that these chemicals are being purposely left in there because it saves the juice box company money to do so considering that the risk of these chemicals on human beings as of yet is considered to be benign… you might have a point.

But to then jump from there right on the back of “These chemicals are being purposely put there by unseen Global forces intent on rendering us sterile”… is a bit too big a jump.

Take the power back…

The shitty part of all of this is that Alex Jones is the same guy who bitches and moans constantly on his radio show that no one (mainstream or otherwise) is paying attention to him when he says rational things.

comic__swine_flu_vaccineFor example, for years now Jones has been railing on the dangers of forced vaccinations on infants and young children.  Everything from corrupt global leaders being bought by the ever deepening pockets of BIG PHARMASUETICAL to the edgier theories of a global crusade to slowly kill off a portion of the world’s population through metals poisoning in vaccinations (the recent H1N1 fiasco for example) has been discussed by Jones on Prisonplanet.com (as well as on Infowars.com).

hpv1And as right as his claims may have been on the dangers of forced vaccinations, this over the top meltdown on the dangers of juice boxes to the developing sexual orientation instantly washes away whatever credit the already fighting uphill Jones may have had.

In the end this does anyone hoping to open up the eyes of the blind in regards to the aggressive social changes we are all currently going through a tremendous disservice.  For Jones to go viral melting down over a box of Juicy Juice making his son a cocksucker leaves the rest of us trying to convince the world that there are no coincidences with the powerful fighting against ourselves essentially. 

tinfoil-hatThis line of thinking, as it is, is already a fringe thought.  But for some reason, the political climate of the world has more people than ever, desperate to find a reason for their suffering, paying attention to those shrieking voices in the wilderness.  And all these new and curious ears are not hearing the tragically unexaggerated warnings (and corresponding documents that serve to support his rather out there positioning) that Jones addresses on his show from time to time on his show but rather the homophobic rants of a seemingly insane man from inside of his compound somewhere in Texas.


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