NASA photoshop drives cospiracy theorist nuts!!!

space_ufoA video posted on YouTube by concerned citizen going by the name “DominatorPS3” has launched a small scale pissing match between himself and NASA.

A video surfaced on YouTube yesterday in which DominatorPS3 alleges that an image taken by NASA’s Cassini Orbiter had been Photoshopped before being released to the public.

In the video, he alleges that an image depicting Saturn’s moons Dione and Titan had something photoshopped out of its background.


In the “original video” (which sadly has been lost to the world.  In the second video [shown below] Dom claims that threats made by certain secretive members of the black bag portion of the Federal Government persuaded him to remove and destroy it.), Dom shows that there seem to be the remnants of photoshopping left on the picture NASA released.

He then goes on to show how- when the brightness is turned waaaaaay up- a huge “object’ appears behind the smaller moon Dione.

(Check out the video linked below to see exactly what we are talking about…)

It didn’t take long for NASA to refute the original claims being made by ol’ Dom…

The person responsible for the manipulation, Emily Lakdawalla, told a forum of excitable theorists that she made the changes because of the way Cassini takes photos.

"Cassini takes color pictures by snapping three sequential photos through red, green, and blue filters," she said.

"In the time that separated the three frames, Dione moved, so if I did a simple color composite I would be able to make Titan look right, but not Dione; or Dione look right, but not Titan.

"So I aligned Dione, cut it out, and then aligned Titan, and then had to account for the missing bits of shadow where the bits of Dione had been in two of the three channels."

She explained the process further at

National Security

Dom did reply to Mrs. Lakdawalla’s answer to his suspicious probing.

"Thanks for the feedback and explanation," he said in a comment on the YouTube post.

"However I still remain skeptical because someone still could have ordered her to 'cut it or something out'.  But thanks for putting that info up so others can read it; I am not trying to convince people what I believe." 

(That’s Conspiracy Theorist for “Go fuck yourself, you useful idiot”.)

I saw both of the videos made by DominatorPS3 (one of them on Fox News!) as well as looked into the rebuttal by the lady from NASA…

And to be totally honest with you, who fucking cares…

Deathstar_guilpanIt’s not like the original picture showed little green men waving at us or the Death Star making its way part Titan preparing to launch an invasion upon the earth or anything…

It showed a shadow… hardly Earth shattering.

So the lady cleaned up a bit of the shadowing to give us all the clearest image of Titan and Dione possible and maybe forgot to wash out her brushstrokes as cleanly as she should have.

Proof that she is human???  Yes…

But it is not proof of a grand conspiracy to cover up the proof needed to one and for all dispels any notion that humanity is alone in the universe.

But it is not like I am trying to kick Dom’s ass or anything either… I mean, his heart was in the right place.

He saw what ended up being a bit of scrubbing on a picture released by NASA and asked a question (well within his rights to do so, I might add) and actually got an answer 9more than most of us get).

isd_ds2But good intentions and the ability to question untrustworthy leadership do not put a UFO behind Dione any more than turning the brightness up on your screen to unbearable levels unlock any definitive proof of alien life.

Hell, if anything it just proves we are in a real shitty news cycle.

 But what do I know… I mean, after all I am really nothing but a burned out blogger hack killing time while downloading episodes of Caprica

(But then again I may be another tentacle of the vast conspiracy working to suppress the Truth about UFOs and aliens by filling the lines with so much chatter and disinformation that no one ever knows what is going on…)


Trust no one.


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