Hitler mustache making a comeback???

hitler-moustacheSo the other night I was watching Soundgarden perform o the Conan Show (11 pm, weekdays on TBS) and noticed something very odd.

Now maybe I am paranoid or a starting to develop a legitimate excuse to smoke marijuana or something but I’m pretty sure I saw Chris Cornell, the golden voiced lead singer of the 90's grunge band, sporting a Hitler mustache.

He started out alright...

Behold exhibit A:

Video of the afore mentioned performance.  Check it out... see if you notice what I noticed (don't worry... the song is actually pretty good)...

Now I know it might be a little difficult to catch it what with all the head banging but at right around the 3:37 mark we see this:


A clearer shot of Cornell’s face sporting what we at The Weekly Constitutional believe to a Hitler mustache.


Deuchland to Deuchland...

Adolf-HitlerThis is not the first celebrity to have been spotted for trying to revive the facial hair style thought to have forever been driven into obscurity by its famous namesake, Adolf Hitler.

Earlier this summer, Michael Jordan was seen in commercials seeming to be sporting the Hitler.



But does this mean the look is coming back...

Only time will tell.


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