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UFO seen outside of Phoenix...

ufo2323From time to time, The Weekly Constitutional likes to post a video we come across of an unidentified object seem soaring in the skies over somewhere on this planet.

And invariably when we do that, we receive emails from people telling us that these videos stink and how in this day and age we should have the capability of producing a clear show of whatever it is in the sky.

Well, here it is...

Here is a video I came across, shot by some dude named Erik, of a UFO zipping around the skies over Phoenix on November 18, 2010.

Impressive, isn't it???


Starts out like any other "glowing orb in the sky" video any of us have ever seen before but then (at around the three minute mark) the video takes a strange turn as it exposes a dark circular shaped craft soaring in the sky.

Very cool...


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