Video of a woman getting whipped in the Sudan...

hit-a-bitchWe get a lot of hate mail here at the Constitutional about our intolerance of other cultures, especially Islam.

Usually, such correspondence would be met with scorn and vitriol; our staff's collective immaturity superseding our desire to improve, not only ourselves but our culture in general.

But as 2011 looms, we at the Constitutional feel it is time for us to learn something from other cultures... to join the "Big Tent" party that is our ever expanding global community.

So get out your pads and pens friendos... time for a lesson in multiculturalism.


How to treat a lady...


Here's a video, provided for our betterment by friends in the Sudan. It features a woman getting 54 lashes for having the gal to wear a pair of jeans.



One thing you gottta say about the Sudanese... they sure know how to get a point across.


In a past life I would have pointed out how this is not just indicative of the shitty Sudanese culture (and all African and middle eastern culture really) but of all of Islam, as the punishment- called for by Shariah law- is accepted by Islam as a whole (though, while tolerated by western Muslims not practiced due I'm sure to xenophobic western laws forcing the enlightened Muslim culture to have to bend its rules in order to be accepted by bigoted narrow-minded westerners).

But, as I said before, New Year... new mindset...


So it is time for us in the west to embrace other cultures...

Isn't that what you candy ass liberals are always crying about???  How the rest of the world hates us because we have little respect for other cultures???

So let’s start!  I know I can’t be alone in knowing that my wife has a few outfits that I could be see giving her a few good lashings for having the audacity to wear in public.

And not in a controlling abusive way...

But out of love.


Love for her dignity, virtue, and honor... something her vagina- in all its evil and sinfulness- forces her to bypass.


Mistake in how this punishment was carried out my fucking ass.

How exactly does one carry out public flogging of a woman for wearing trousers any more perfectly than the way that video depicts?

whip-shotIs not the point of the law to make sure that there is both a physical pain for breaking one of their horse shit “traditions” they decided to base their lives on as well as a social stigma for the offence (hence the very public nature of the execution of the ‘crime’).

If you ask me, what we saw was in fact the most perfect “needless whipping of an insolent koos (Arabic for “cunt”)” that these eyes have ever seen.

There was even a moment during all of that when there is a change of whippers because during the course of fifty four lashes even the most devoted flogger gets a little tuckered out.


Ain’t other cultures grand???