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Uncle spanks wanna be thug...

wiggers-demotivational-poster-1245432389No one ever said raising kids is easy.
Hell, one could go so far as to say that in our current fucked up society where it seems more and more that the lunatics are not only running the asylum but have the ear of the lawmakers to insure that it never changes from that, it is tantamount to an impossible mission to do so without the busy bodies of the outside world (including Government) sticking their noses into the matter.
And as apparent as this growing societal decay is to anyone with a child in their home, it is especially notable in our nation's teenagers.
Empowered by an institutionally impregnated concept that parental control is at best made of flimsy paper, we have a generation of young people who walk with the impunity of mafia button men in neighborhoods where they are known.
Faux stone cold killers and suburban gangstas, our nation's youth has slowly morphed into a strange bastardization of WWE characters dreamed up by Suge Knight.
Which is what makes this video all the more rewarding.
So please, check out this amazing video of some teen punk's uncle giving him a few cracks with a strap for putting on a gangsta front online. Enjoy!

School of Hard Knocks

What we just witnessed was the saving of that punk's little pathetic life.
Not abuse. Not torture.
The saving of that kid's life.


It may shock some of you out there to read this but that kid needed an ass whoopin' in order for this lesson to sink in. if it hadn't been his uncle putting the leather to use on his hide then it would have been some other gangsta (cause don't for a second think that the uncle ain't a hard man with a past) who might not have treat him so sweetly.

He had an ass whoopin' coming and he is lucky he had an uncle who cared enough about his life to see that he got that ass kicking with love and understanding.


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