Soccer player kicks owl....

luis_morenoA Panamanian soccer player has been receiving death threats for kicking an opposing team’s owl mascot.

Louis Moreno, a Panamanian footballer playing for the Columbian club team Deportive Pereira, has gotten himself into a bit of trouble recently after kicking the injured owl mascot of the Athletico Juior club of Barranquilla.

The owl had landed injured near the corner of the field when Moreno walked over and kicked it about three yards.  It died Monday due to repertory injuries.

Let’s go to the tape:

Moreno had to be protected by local police as he exited the pitch after the game; the crowd throwing urine bombs and batteries at him while chanting”Murder, murder”.  Colombian soccer officials are looking into the possibility of sanctioning Moreno and,according to Bogota radio station Santa Fe, the Columbian legal authority is looking into perhaps charging the soccer player.  Current animal protection laws in Columbia would allow the player to be jailed for one to three months and be fined between 5,000 to 50,000 pesos (roughly $2.60 - $26 American).

In his own defense, Moreno later said he was sorry and that he had no idea it was the opposing team’s mascot. (He honestly thought he was kicking the shit out of a totally random bird for no real reason other than to hurt it).


Since Sunday’s incident, the Panamanian born footballer has been claiming that he and his family have been receiving death threats for his attack of the bird.

"Everything over the phone. And believe this is very hard for me and for my family in Panama who are afraid because of this," Moreno told Columbian television reporters.

And he should be very worried…

After all, this is the same fan base that murdered  Andres Escobar in a ight club after scoring an “own goal” against the United States in the first  round of 1994 World Cup, ending Columbia’s tournament. 


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