The Situation bombs at Trump Roast.

small_Donald_Trump_mike_situation_trump_roastIt would take a pretty big disaster to draw the eyes of the world away from the events coming out of Japan over the past few days if even for but a moment.

On Tuesday evening, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino managed to do just that.

I know this story is a few days old and many of you folks reading this may have already seen this but for those ofyou that didn't it's important for all of us to see what mayvery well bethe most savagembing to have everbeenseen on television (especiallyon a show that was taped a week earlier... much kudos to Comedy Central for havng theballs to go with the vast majority of the tirade).

Check out the footage and be ready to cringe...


Holy shit…

There are times where listening to that bit of audio actually causes pain.