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customer_showcase_17Let’s face it folks, try as we might to keep on a brave face amidst the woeful economic times, it's getting pretty freaking rough out there.

Skyrocketing unemployment, a tumultuous business environment, and an ever deflating dollar are forcing Americans to take good long looks at their budgets.

More and more, Americans are coming to the idea that in order to keep their heads in these interesting times one has to diversify.

 While other risk taking visionaries are looking towards the more secure commodities to invest it, it takes a certain amount of pin-ash to put your balls in the fire and roll 'dem bones on an investment that has potential to be a feast (or famine)...

 My friends, I give you "Investing in Barbie"...

Picking the right Barbie:



Protecting your investment:

Pricing your investment:

Selling your Investment:



Saving for a better tomorrow…

WalmartShoppingTimeBarbieThere you have it…

According to the woman no one has ever thought about having sex with, well preserved Barbie dolls are going to be the currency of the Future (a future apparently dominated by five year old girls)…

But before you go running off to the store to make sure you get whatever overpriced season doll Wal-Mart signed an exclusivity deal to carry, let me tell you about my dear sweet auntie…

In the mid-90’s, my auntie Em was trying to look into ways to diversify her portfolio, growing quite swollen with some well-made gambles in the burgeoning internet craze. 

But, as safe as commodity trading is, it does lack a certain thrill and excitement.

And while she liked fucking around with the stock market, she prided herself an out of the box thinker; someone willing to take a gamble…

So she got heavy into the Beanie Babies craze.

Believing to be riding a wave to riches, she went all in- desperate to have all the Babies she could get a hold of.

beanie-babies-jpgWithin a few months, she gathered a Scrooge McDuck-like fortune of Beanie Babies- that (thanks to the draining of her bank account to achieve) had become her retirement plan.

Then it happened…

The bottom fell out of the Beanie Babies market.

Once able to name their own price, no one could give away Beanie Babies by the late 90s.

By the 2000, the whole fad had become a sad punch line to a depressing joke; a real world example why we (as a people) can never do away with the government.

Nearly two decades later, my aunt has a couple of rooms in her house with boxes filled with Beanie Babies, not the mountains of treasure she customer_showcase_17thought the inexpensively made stuffed dolls would bring.

So there you have it…

A cautionary tale about investing in the high stakes world of toy investing.

Take heed…


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