TWC remembers June 29th...

quintIt is one thing when a publication takes time out of their day (and yours, as you are reading this) to commemorate a particular day because of some great, heroic thing that might have occurred on that day, or perhaps some important deed needed to be celebrated (or observed).

But it is a whole different matter when the date being commemorated is a date marking not the actual day when the event occurred but rather the date as dreamed up by the limey drunken actor that pulled it out of his ass in a scene in a movie (all be it an iconic one).

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was on this day in the gin soaked mind of Robert Shaw, that Quint found himself- along with 1100 men all in the water- just floating there waiting to be picked off by the invading sharks.

On second thought, just hit play and let Quint tell you all about it…


Like a doll's eyes..



The best part about all of this (other than the rumor that’s been around for ages now that this whole monologue was dreamed up by Shaw after having watched a documentary about the USS Indianapolis the night before the scene was shot) is that the actual ship didn’t sink on June 29th, 1945. It actually went down on July 30th, 1945 (with those few sailors remaining alive being picked up on August 2nd, 1945). 

Sadly, I found out about this when I got this answer wrong on a History exam in the 11th grade.


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