UFO lands in Canada???

ufo-1Nothing quite says America quite like listening to a madman rattle on and on about his belief that aliens are totally among us…

Here is a video from the Allnewsweb- a group that has lost all perspective when it comes to the videos of UFO game- of a reported UFO landing in Canada plus (as an added bonus) a minute plus manifesto about how the aliens are going to put on quite the show upon year’s end.

Click the video of some nuts manifesto please (UFO pick at the 1:00 mark)…


It’s a UFO? Really???

UFOs are out there.

That’s something I want to get out there right off the bat.

UFOs are very real and in fact are the vehicles of interstellar travelers on a mission we have yet to understand.

Now… that said, this is not a picture of a UFO landing in Canada…


Police check point perhaps… but in no way is this a photo of a UFO.


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