What's wrong with Anne Hathaway???

anne hathaway 05Anne Hathaway...

I have no idea what to do with Anne Hathaway...

Never in the history of Hollywood has a woman so stunningly beautiful been so amazingly undesirable.

anne-hiphopAnd not undesirable because of any sort of homeliness… we can all clearly see this young lady’s physical attributes.  But her hyper desire to want to please throws up huge red flags that any guy out there should be able to see coming a mile away (and don’t you fucking tell me “No way broseph… Crazy girl sex is the best… High five…”… There is no amount of pussy good enough to make me willing to suffer the madness that is linking yourself either physically or emotionally to a crazy girl. It is never worth it…) and avoid, knowing that nothing good will come of it.

Now before you start pulling out your hairs gentlemen and start calling me "homo" and going on incessantly about her great tits or her dime piece ass, let me show you my piece of evidence and lay out my reasoning.

Then you can call me "gay".



The Problem with Anne Hathaway


anne-dressThe problem with Anne Hathaway is the same problem I have with my kid's dog, Donkey.

She tries too fucking hard.

I don't know if its emotional scars left from a childhood of being a stage kid or just some twist of fate where such a talented and sexy young woman has a self-esteem lower than some cheap biker slut but this chick has a deep seeded need to make people like her and she wears that desire like a cheap suit.

I get that she wants to stretch her legs out and maybe do a nice comedy bit out there to generate some heat for whatever project she is trying to promote (which apparently is a steaming pile of monkey shit).

But is her doing an awful rap in "... the style of Li'l Wayne" (which she was wrong about... sounded more like the Ying Yang Twins) the best way to get her name and face out there?  Shitty musical blackface?

She is a beautiful and talented woman working on maybe the biggest and most anticipated movie in years… Does she need to do the wacky rap bit to justify her being anne-jeanson the show?


That’s shit ham and eggers like myself have to do to get on TV and radio… be willing to make an ass out of oneself.

But when you are one of the hottest young actresses of your generation then perhaps you should act like one.

We like you Anne… Now cut the shit.