It's the Forever Lazy!!!

homeboys-uni-lazyThere is a lot being made over all of the negative social effects that bullying has on our population.

But it has occurred to me that no one ever focuses on the one positive that having a population fearing the social ridicule of one's peers...

There was no putting up with shit like this running rampant on our city streets.

It seems as though it is not bad enough that for whatever reason our society has decided to never grow up from their childish ways, (I know, I know… “…Says the guy smoking a joint while typing this up for his filth mouth site…”) but now we have decided to just come out and dress up like a baby.

My friends, a new trend is trying to be sparked in the realm of white trash fashion and that trend is the Forever Lazy.

I could sit here and try to explain what this product but instead, why not allow the infomercial to spell it out clear as crystal.

Check it out, won’t you???

To be honest, I am less stunned that some opportunistic asshole thought that selling giant baby onesies than I am surprised that you can't add on s-FOREVER-LAZY-largesome sixe 44 adult Pampers for just a few bucks more (and, of course, the process and handling)…

Now I understand that upon first glance it is easy for a sane person to dismiss this as just another piece of shit being vomited out of the merch machine invented by the Chinese in order to fill the miles upon miles of shelves that makes up the Wal-Marts of the world that will never catch on with an American public already worn down to just a pot to piss in.

But we thought the same thing about the Snuggie and now all you see is retards walking around all over in that mis-made shower robe.


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