customer_showcase_17Let’s face it folks, try as we might to keep on a brave face amidst the woeful economic times, it's getting pretty freaking rough out there.

Skyrocketing unemployment, a tumultuous business environment, and an ever deflating dollar are forcing Americans to take good long looks at their budgets.

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The side effects of Glee...

gleeThere are a few things that I am primarily worried about in my day to day life: the "Glee"-ification of the culture, the liberal indoctrination of our nations youth, and the enslavement of the human race by technology.

 While these are all topics that come up in the news (thus on the site) with a good amount of frequency, it is rare that a story will so perfectly encapsulate all three of my paranoia in one neatly wrapped package.

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The Situation bombs at Trump Roast.

small_Donald_Trump_mike_situation_trump_roastIt would take a pretty big disaster to draw the eyes of the world away from the events coming out of Japan over the past few days if even for but a moment.

On Tuesday evening, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino managed to do just that.

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As if you needed help feeling insignifigant...

planetsThere’s no better way to start a good looking Saturday morning than to have a YouTube video slap you in the face with a nice stiff dose of perspective.

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A different kind of UFO video...

cat-pumpkin-stencils_alien-catI cover a lot of UFO videos on this site. And i believe it is safe to say that 99.9% of all claimed UFO footage is bullshit (and i opt not to post it). Of those .1% that i do post, the overwhelming majority of those seem to be nothing more than an odd blinking light off into the distance just dancing along for no explained reasons.
Neat and interesting? Of course...

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