Taking the Red Pill: Thanksgiving

112514-tgiving-snoopyEvery year, Americans come together (symbolically) and- as a Nation- give "Thanks" to whatever Higher Authority they believe has blessed them with such good fortune as to be born an American (and if for whatever reason this feeling of genuine appreciation for having the luck of being born an American isn't swelling within you, give any international news channel a few minutes of your time... You'll be singing "God Bless America" midway through the Africa segment....). We call the day "Thanksgiving"... A day marked with football, overeating, family, and thankfulness.

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Cosby's version of Mein Kampf...

11914-SPANISHFLY-billCosbyIt’s funny how things work out… 

Bill Cosby, finding himself in the midsts of a public relation’s war (stemming from several rape allegations starting to come out in the press), had a classic bit from his extensive catalogue come rolling back into the zeitgeist at a most inopertune time… and its eerie how it reflects to current events. 

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Monster Energy is from the DEVIL!!!!

111214-monster-logoIf there was a new drug out there, it would have to be the energy drink. These overpriced, shitty sodas claim themselves to be your rocket fuel to party city, though normally they leave you jittery and in a less than desirable situation. 

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For some reason a woman with jiggly boobs got people angry...

111914-jiggle-saraxSomeone needs to explain this to me... 

A woman, who had achieved internet acclaim by twerking her boobs, is upset at people looking at her boobs and somehow garnered death threats over the matter...

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Thom Acee: Night Tripper

THOM-ACEEThe second to last time I did LSD was a fucking insane night... It should have been the last time I did acid,  but for some reason a particularly nasty break up and a Type O Negative/ Butthole Surfer concert made for a perfectly good excuse to eat some old paper a friend of mine had uncovered in his mom's fridge a few months later. 

But that second to last time was a fucking doozy...

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