Kids getting drunk up the ass...


kids-smokingWhat the fuck is wrong with the goddamn kids these days????

The start of another school year means a whole batch of news stories about what the latest trend is in how the kids are getting high these days.  Pipes in highlighters and lipstick cases are always popular ways to sneak a buzz.  But this year, the rage is all in the anal absorption of alcohol. 

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Channing Tatum Stripper Video!!!!!

As though it was not already a challenge to get my girlfriend to have sex with me...

G.I. Joe and Step Up star Channing Tatum has had to work hard to where he is today.  And thanks to an exclucive video obtained by US Magazine, all of America will finally know just how hard.

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Megan Fox Vs. Michael Bay

Megan Fox in Transformers 2Ahh... there ain't anything like a good ol' fashioned Hollywood dust up, is there?

In a recent interview with CBS's The Early Show, Megan Fox- the latest "IT" girl in Hollywood and star of this summer's Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen- went on to promote her latest project and somehow managed to screw it all up.

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Those Wacko Jackos...

Michael JacksonOh those Jacksons... They do just keep on giving...

It has been more than a week since the King of Pop released his mortal coil and Gosh darn it if those wacky Jacksons are not still plaguing our headlines...

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Christian Bale freaks out daughter with his method acting...

Christian Bale in "Public Enemies"Apparently Christian Bale really is bat shit insane.

While promoting his new film Public Enemies, director Michael Mann let out that actor Christian Bale, who plays FBI investigator Melvin Purvis in the film, freaked his young daughter out by staying in character (including speaking in a deep southern accent) for four months straight.

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