Is Lindsay Lohan a Thief???


Lindsay Lohan, before she got all gross...What the hell happened to Lindsay Lohan?

Once a rising star in the Hollywood scene with a bright future before her, the starlet turned coke snorting lesbian of convenience apparently has turned to a life of crime in order to make ends meet while her career flat lines.

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A brief history of marijuana...


Ismoking_weed know this is a shill for a television show that Showtime has starting on June 8th (and for those of you not watching Weeds, it is well worth you checking it out... great freaking show), but that does not make it something you can't learn something about.

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Jessica Biel bitches about being pretty...


jessica-biel-picture-1In the latest issue of Allure, Hollywood knockout Jessica Biel has made the bold statement that being good looking has gotten in her way in Hollywood (because there are so many hideous freaks staring in big budget motion pictures).  But apparently she is serious.  She claims that she is not offered the more serious roles because her good looks get in the way, "It really is a problem. I have to be blunt. If you don't like the audition, then don't hire me. But if you don't even want to see me, that's hurtful."

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Jamie Foxx to portray the Chairman of the Board...


Jamie FoxxDid I miss something?

Music-News.com is reporting that sources close to Martin Scorsese is seriously considering casting Jamie Foxx to play Frank Sinatra in an upcoming bio-pic that he is directing.  It is reported that Scorsese came to the decision after seeing similarities between the two stars' lives.

"Magnificent singing voice, totally convincing acting ability, like Frank himself, born the wrong side of the tracks, rags to riches, makes it big against the odds, has his brushes with authority. The guy's a gift."

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More troubles for Michael Phelps


Michael PhelpsSomeone needs to get Michael Phelps a fucking handler.  A Baltimore stripper, in an interview with the Britain's News of the World, is claiming that she and another erotic dancer had a threesome with the Olympic gold medalist.  Theresa White told the British publication that the incident occurred when Phelps wanted to keep the party going one night and invited the strippers back to his place for a little after party.

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