Cletus T. Broshus: Prologue

ctb-logoSome Men are born great, others rise up to meet it head on… and then there are those who happen to be there selling dope when greatness knocks on the door in need of a favor…  

Meth, monsters, demigods, and hillbillies fill this tale of a man who has greatness thrust upon him. Will he have the power to rise up and meet it??? 

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Stems & Seeds: Gun Apathy

stem-and-seedI noticed something today…

It was subtle: I didn’t notice it right away. But the second it occurred to me that what happened happened, it set me back a little.

Another day, another school shooting…This one, a beef between two students in an Atlanta middle school.

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The Blackhole that ate my time...

gore-inventI swear… When Al Gore invented the internet, he didn’t do it as a way to help mankind…

No, no… that environmental prick knew that by creating an infinity vortex where every thought would lead into a deeper, more consuming thought he would eventually grind to a halt every productive energy this A.D.D. riddled nation has; burning them jumping from one distraction to the next.

Take me for example…

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Sooo... does this mean we are banning eagles next???

baby-and-eagle-from-ashleyNeedless to say, the death of a child is perhaps a parent’s greatest nightmare…

Then comes suffering at the hands of some twisted perv.

But then, after the death and the sodomy comes a little known terror in the hearts of Moms and Dads the world over…

Having a baby get snatched by a bird.

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Why can't they behave?!?!

muggingIn the midst of all this media coverage over Hurricane Sandy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a pack of "unruly youth" (because, as a media outfit, it is unbecoming of us to mention the race of the assailants [should they be a minority] lest we perpetuate stereotypes that might cause a populous to treat certain segments of it with caution…) for putting an end to that tired narrative of New Yorkers- while being bags of shit to one another the rest of the time- will always have each other's backs when their collective balls are in the fire.

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