Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast: Prologue

CTB-BRBeast-logoNothing says Halloween quite like a good horror story… and nothing says horror stories to the staff of The Weekly Constitutional quite like the exploits of Cletus T. Broshus; our favorite pot addled monster hunter.

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The Marshal's Road:The Song of Erik of Candar...

The-Marshal_road_logoThere was a time, before the Order and the rule of the Lord Marshal... A time of chaos and disorder and violence and wrath... A time when life was lived by the rule of the sword and the ferocity of the man that wielded it. Of loose tribes and warring clans... It was a time of strife and difference... A time of death. 

And it is a time that is coming again. 

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Thom Acee Builds a Rainbow Bridge...

THOM-ACEEThe world is a turbulent place these days... Turbulent, turbulent, TURBULENT. 

Black folks is pissed. 

Mexicans is pissed. 

Hell, even the damned Gays are pissed, and they're the only ones putting marks in the win column!

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Cher gets Thom into Racial Drama...

92815-halfbreed-pinkskullMy four year old daughter has a rather eclectic taste in music. I'd say she gets it from me, and perhaps in its inception it may have very well been my direct thumbprint on that ear of hers. But I'm pretty sure it's YouTube now that's guiding her selections now (I guess I can take credit for having cultivated the odd search history that would generate the selections), and it's certainly odd. 

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Thom Acee: Bear Fighter

5-19-15-bearfighting-angrybear1There are things men think about on the constant that women wouldn't even dream of wasting the energy to think about... 

For example, there isn't a man alive who has not drawn out the plans to either rob a bank or an armored car at least once in their lives (because deep down, all men believe themselves capable of pulling off a caper). Or that hasn't walked into a room full of strangers and taken a brief moment to give the room a quick size up (In order to determine the order by which he would have to take them out, in order of size and perceived threat, should any shit happen to go down). 

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