Beware the Homosexual...

brunoListening to the Gays talk about the way that they are being treated by today’s society, you would think that roving bands of teenaged homosexual lynch mobs were roving the countryside.

Hardly a description of perhaps the single greatest moment in time for the homosexual.

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Bride makes it all about her and goes viral...

The-Singing-Bride-Marie-Carr-Becomes-an-Accidental-Viral-HitIf you are not the ones in the front, a wedding already stinks.

A lot of pomp and circumstance for something that has a better than fifty percent chance of ending in tragedy… And you have to wear a suit.

At a recent wedding, the already bored and less than thrilled party goers and well-wishers got an added treat…

A bride making sure there was no denying the day was all about her.

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Stems & Seeds: Florida Desert

Obama-620x426Sometimes the smoky muse brings with it madness... other times, brilliance.

Discerning between the two is your job.

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I wanna.. clean carpets????

stanley-steemer-couponsImagine my shock when the worst thing on my television isn’t Dance Mom: Miami (a show that has sucked me in)…

While letting a commercial run while I got myself a bowl of ice cream, I was horrified to hear what I thought was a bad parody of a hair metal song.

What I found was a lot worse…

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Have c*nt, will travel

unemployed womanIf I am to believe in this so called “War on Women” that America seems to be waging, there are legions of women out there in dire need of a gig.

But after the commercial I came across today, I have no idea as to why because apparently, as long as you figure out a way to sell something other than the sex, you can totally sell cunny.

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