DMX is alive, well, and singing Christmas Carols...

rudolph02So I am sitting around last night smoking a little dope and thinking to myself "Self, I want to sing Christmas Carols and be filled with the Christmas cheer, but I just can't seem to find a way to balance the seasonal warmth with my new found career of carjacking and gang violence..."

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New Tim Armstrong is "Quite Alright"...

tim-timebomb-its-quite-alright-e1352748087413Being a fan of a musician can sometimes be a hard thing…

You are going to have those good times… sure… the salad days when the songs are crisp, the sound is unique, and the energy is totally organic. And then you will have those other albums… the ones forgotten by everyone.

Follow a band long enough and they will produce it…. Pennywise has been doing that steady for the better part of five years now.

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Never too old to ROCK!!!!!

rs-lipsIt is a troubling thing...

When one turns on the radio and hears the first truly rocking bit of new music he has heard in easily a year and a half...

Only to discover that its authors are old enough to be his grandfather.

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McCartney claims Yoko innocent!!!

mccartneyIn my mind, I always like to envision that between Yoko and Paul McCartney there is this underlying hatred just waiting for someone to say that one word which will unleash Hell upon them and an unsuspecting (though rather deserving) world which allows that vile creature to exist…  A hate that is so deep and so dug in that there is no escape from its grasps, and every time Sir Paul runs into a china woman (or, to be fair, Yoko runs into a pasty limey) the two begin muttering profanities under their breathes; the only thing keeping a full-fledged brawl from breaking out is the class and dignity that being a billionaire can bring.

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Why do these sad songs sting so much...

MusicAndMemoryWe all have sad songs from our past that for whatever reason we have decided to hold them precious.

Sometimes, like for example the song you danced with your wife to at your wedding or the one playing the first time you got a kiss, get attached with a memory.

Other times, the songs are less one memory and rather the “song of their time”... Just a song that just reminds you of an entire period of your life.

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