Is PC acting as Ebola's PED??? (Performance Enhancing Drug, you rube...)

101114-evpc-empiresEmpires collapse, they say, because of an inherent "Achilles' Heel", brought about as a direct result of their success. The Greek crumbled to the sounds of self congratulations... The Romans, their decadence... The Mongols, jealousy... So forth and so on; the pages of history books just cluttered with the fatal flaws that the former winners were powerless to avert... 

The American Empire is currently seeing it's twilight approach, history's iceberg looming unstoppably before this era's unsinkable ship. And again, the Americans are looking to make history once again, as they will be the first empire broil to its knees by its own empathy. 

The Ebola Virus has been churning wild in West Africa, thousands of poor Devils falling prey to the incurable, murderous virus. But unlike other outbreaks, this one has stretched it's legs, with America seeing its first death at the "hands" of the virus earlier in the week and Spain seeing its first domestic infection (a nurse who was treating a priest who had been assisting in Sierra Leon, another beachhead in the against this vicious infection). 

In response to the American infestation (an edgy 30 day process of holding our breathe as we wait and see if any 101114-evpc-kingOone else caught this curse), our fearless leader, Barrack the Unsullied, has stood firm in his resolve to see the nation through this frightening chapter of our history. He did his best to seem engaged, vowing to stop at nothing in order to see this enemy vanquished. 

But actions speak louder than words...

He sent over thousands of Marines to combat the virus (he says to combat the virus, but what he really means is protect the Aids Workers, who have been subject to violent attacks at the hands of enraged locals convinced that Western science is voodoo making things worse), unleashed CDC chair Thomas Frieden onto the media to comfort the plebs as we began encasing our homes in plastic... really busted out all the tangible gestures he could to convince everyone how hard he is looking to kick ass (harder than he decided to bring pain upon ISIS, a paltry couple hundred soldiers and a few Syrian targets blowed up intended to rattle the 101114-evpc-cdcnerve of the current bunch of ragtags rattling sabers and reaping havoc in that part of the world). 

Yet someone could still go to the airport in Monrovia after giving his ebola stricken mother a goodbye kiss and catch a flight to Washington DC just as easily as one could from London (I get it's a dirt poor nation, where most don't have the cash for food let alone an international flight, but it is still possible to have it done given the four flights daily leaving from there.). Seems nutty, right??? An entire region is riddled with a viral infection that spreads quickly (and mysteriously, as we are not 100% sure exactly how this curse spreads) and causing an agonizing death of brain hemorrhaging as you bleed out from your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and asshole over a hellish three week period, and you can still catch a flight out of there??? 

This has to be bullshit.... It has to be... 

Why, here are the learned words of ebola expert David Quammen, speaking to Anderson Cooper last week on the subject: 


101114-evpc-quammen"... You can’t isolate neighborhoods, you can’t isolate nations. It doesn’t work. And people talk about, ‘Well, we shouldn’t allow any flights from Liberia.’ I mean, we in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery. We have a responsibility to stay connected to them and help them see this through..." 


Wait, what... That can't be right... Here's Thomas Frieden, CDC chairman... He's bound to set that so called expert straight:


101114-evpc-frieden"... Most of the people leaving those countries have the right to leave. They are American citizens. They are people with dual citizenships. They are people who are traveling to other parts of the world, and airlines aren't going to fly one way. They are going to have to have travelers in both directions if they're actually going to keep flying. If you isolate these countries, the governments will get less stable and the ability to stop the outbreak there I think will be very problematic..."

Well, that didn't go as well as I had hoped... (You would have thought as this is written I would have seen was I was typing next, but I assure you.... Total shockers...)... Two experts saying essentially the same thing... That limiting air travel to (and especially from) these tropical locals would only further exasperate the fledgling pandemic. 

And they might have a point, I guess... Limiting air travel would stifle commerce and aid workers entering the region... But no one said anything about keeping people or things out of Liberia... We are just asking about keeping people from there out of here... 

But I guess we are wrong in doing so...


Or are we... 


The Ugly Head of the Politically Correct

Seems insane, don't it... 


The same group that every freaking year spends millions on ad campaigns telling you not to be a hero if you find yourself struggling with a flu, suggesting it better for you and the rest of us if you just kept yourself at home until you feel better has been on television every night for two weeks telling us that the best way to contain this virus was to continue to allow the threat of incidental contamination from some poor infected devil daring enough to sneak past our dreadful entry questionnaires and laser thermometers. 

But they have been, nearly daily getting sent out before the American people to repeat this mantra of "open travel breeds safer Americans" (all the while we still have to hold our breathes as we wait out this current scare, brought about by one of those dreadful anomalies to this lock tight security system managed to let squeak past its unbreaking steely gaze). They have to keep repeating this because it seems counter intuitive; our own instinct to avoid sick people at all costs, lest we catch their creepin' crud. 

101114-evpc-bowkneelprayBut what if we have been rendered powerless to combat this threat because of our own hangups??? 

What if we can't get out of our own way because of this self imposed limitation we have accepted, where we can't be seen acting in our own self interest, lest we be seen as unmoved to the suffering of others???

We seem to be unable to point out other odd derelictions currently hamstringing our world's transition into the twenty first century without having the barbs of racist, sexist, genderist, xenophob, nationalist... Whatever pejorative the "Cause of the Day" demands be thrown in an attempt to avoid the light of true examination be applied to their claims. And like sheep we back down, terrified of whatever punishment the PC police will dish out to quiet the so called mob's bloodlusty demands. 

101114-evpc-puppetWe have heard for decades about the dangers and pitfalls of political correctness, an over correction by our society to police our language, thoughts, and actions to remove any form of stereotyping- be it warranted or not- in order to preserve the feelings of a put upon "minority" group. It would be unfair to say that the movement didn't have its moments, a few needed changes made to our society that the times had demanded be addressed. But these days, the movement ( or movements, as it were, with various special interest groups each tossing in their specific need and request; the American Progressive movement all the more eager to embrace each and every victim this cruel society had callously tossed aside) seems to have gone array, our rudderless nation currently being guided by a disinterested leader sympathetic to their various demands.

We had been conditioned to fear this advancement of a Progressive thought, though truthfully most of us really never saw past the tree line of limited comedy and stifled interpersonal conversation; the actions by the PC Stormtroopers in the halls of government more easily concealed within centrist worded laws. 

But with Ebola, we see the first crippling limitations of logic through the prism of political correctness; our common sense being brushed aside in deference to the demands of political correctness. 

Being paranoid, am I??? 

Let's again visit the words of big brained David Quammen:


"... Well, we shouldn’t allow any flights from Liberia.’ I mean, we in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American Slavery..." 


How dare we turn our backs on Liberia given the country was founded in 1820s as a slave relocation state... Two hundred plus years have passed between the founding of the nation and our current need to deal with them, yet somehow, because of our awful original sin, we have some responsibility as to what happens there... What about that government's responsibility to the world to keep their shit together and not allow for conditions to get as godawful as they are in that literal Hell of Earth (if you have no prior knowledge of Liberia, use this as an opportunity to go to Vice and watch the seven part docu-series [they see real short] on the barely functioning nation...)? 

101114-evpc-oincompitantI'm not saying we shouldn't be mensches and send over whatever we can to help out in the treatment of this Hideous illness... They aren't wrong in their claims that our best chance of keeping this nightmare from popping up in other third world countries (like Haiti or Central America, for example) is to find a way to contain it there in the belly of the beast (so to speak). But the idea that we couldn't still provide medical supply (and foolhardy medical professionals looking to face true evil for whatever reason) while limiting exposure to the American people of this horrid curse is just pure, unadulterated sophistry fueled by political motivations (brought to us, mind you, by Frieden, who felt that second hand smoke- proven by the UN to be just as uncomfortable but no more dangerous than breathing in a hot fart- was so dangerous he worked with former Mayor Bloomberg to ban under the penalty of fines all tobacco smoking from outdoor, public areas... Yes, by his logic, the second hand smoke that might maybe kill you in thirty, forty years at worst is more dangerous than the lethal virus that we have no idea how easily it can spread and can kill you in a lunar cycle.)

Is it possible that we are truly not limiting inbound flights from that region (and travelers in general) because of fear that by doing so we could make things worse? Of course it is... Seems totally counterintuitive, sure... But I guess it could be true... 


But could it also not be a politically motivated statement, crafted by a White House desperate to keep the American borders wide open to whatever dregs of the third world can get there (In the interest of padding Democratic voter rolls),done so in the hopes of keeping an American public (that historically opposes such loosey goosey immigration policy and is already agitated by the various threats of executive action by our beleaguered young President) from protesting the move (and thus killing it, as they have many times before) and are using the soft language of the politically correct (Which we have already become conditioned to buckling towards, lest we 101114-evpc-disasterget a Scarlet Letter for our outdated heartlessness) to keep us from speaking up too loudly concerning it? 

We've already seem the first blocks laying the foundation of this tactic... The claims of our inherent responsibility to be on the front lines of this sickness tied to our Original Sin. And these ripples have started to spread; a few articles asking if the Typhoid Mary of Dallas died because of our inherent American racism (as the two honkeys unfortunate enough to catch this sickness seem to be walking around like big swinging dicks currently thanks to the magic tobacco based serum which Duncan didn't receive... ), echoing the cries Rev. Jessie Jackson made earlier in the week (his desperation to find relevance in the race baiting world currently owned by Al Sharpton) in the community that Mr. Duncan was visiting during his visit from Liberia (Who are apparently being discriminated against because people want to avoid people around the sick person... A claim I kinda doubt...). 

Or maybe I'm wrong and this is just another sound judgement by the lofty Administration of Barrack the Befuddled, whose tenure has been marked with just "stellar" decision after "stellar" decision...


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