Ebola-Palooza: Week Four... Maybe Five...

101914-ebola-skullWe are three weeks into Ebola-Palooza, as Americans struggle to fight the urge to go mad in the face of a looming pandemic of an untreatable fatal viral infection that our own Government seems too bumbling and incompetent to handle effectively. 

Questions of leadership and questions of safety arise hourly as we go on day after day scratching our heads as our fearless leader, President Obama, and his craven klan of politically motivated underlings seem to continue to drag us closer to the brink of lunacy... All while this virus continues to elude efforts in containment as more and more Americans seem to get in contact with those exposed to the virus. 

There's way too much weirdness going around involving this mess, so let's get to making some sense of it...


The Fall of the King...

101914-ebola-oprahMaybe Obama should appoint Oprah to head the CDC... Have her go out before reports shouting "You get Ebola! And YOU get Ebola... EVERYONE GETS EBOLA!!!!"; Her glib dispensing of death sentences perhaps better accepted by our cynical society than the poor excuse we are currently being offered as expert. 

Dr. Tom Frieden... Fighter of cigarette smoke... Tamer of transfats... First CDC chair to see two cases of Ebola contracted domestically... Excuse me, three (one just came in the other day... Getting hard to keep up with these cases...)

He really inspires hope, don't he???

101914-ebola-freidenBravely standing behind procedures any jackass smart enough to notice the alarming rate in which doctors treating this cursed plague seem to contract (and subsequently die from) even with their procedurally sound methods followed to the letter, he was first to go out and blame this Typhoid Mary health care worker that caught the illness during her time caring for Duncan (the Liberian prick who brought this gift over during his most recent visit), and then callously spread to her boyfriend and dog ( respectively, quarantined and destroyed due to their exposure). 

We then learned this "oversight" of procedure (procedures which, I might add, a nurses' union has decried as ineffective), was the first of many fuck ups by this Man's team of illness containers, as another nurse managed to fly back and forth from Cleveland and yet another found herself aboard a cruise ship headed to the Caribbean. 


He then bravely condemned those of us hideous racists still clambering for our borders to be shut down to anyone coming from these infection "hot zones", claiming the only way to continue our fight against Ebola is to fight it over there (which I guess requires Liberians and Nigerians and Seirra Leonians to still be able to have no issue getting into here), brushing off the snarky retorts from bigoted disbelievers claiming we would be of no use over there if we are busy being overrun here as easily as if they were screaming "nigger" while wearing black face. 

101914-ebola-xerxiesEnter the Administration, in its own sort of madhouse of impotence as the world around it spins wildly out of control, seeming content to have the President seen as a disinterested participant in this mess (as they have done with every single other issue that had arisen this term), our young and promise filled historic leader held hostage by the chains of the Office that we, Littles, thrusted him into; choosing the optics of a disinterested leader caught unprepared as opposed to being seen as either a purely political creature too blinded by his own agenda to see the short-sightedness on his increasingly reckless actions or as an ideological incompetent so beholden to his dream of world peace and order only being capable with the shadow cast by America diminished that he is willing to see it all burn to make it so. They'd rather we believe that his mind is too focused on the intricacies of his perplexing short game to worry about the plagues and marauders that hamstring his historic second term, the trappings of the Presidency's gilded cage finally smothering out the idealist fire that once raged within our beloved Lord Barrack. 

But as spontaneous protests pop up along Pennsylvania Avenue demanding action in the face of this looming threat (at least), the President sprang into action...

He started his newly stoked attempt to push back Ebola not by shutting down flights or strengthening quarantine protocols... But by sending in the National Guard to help suppress the disease in West Africa. Makes sense, right... Cause sending more people into an area infested with an untreatable illness is exactly the sort of solution that is called for... 


The soldiers, sent over to "augment the active forces in support of Operation United Assistance, providing humanitarian assistance and consequence management related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa", will most likely be building hospitals and treatment centers (we assume as, unless they are there to be laborers, soldiers are of little use in West Africa being that a virus can't be shot or stabbed or anything...).

He then brought the fight home, deciding we need a real leader in charge of the Ebola fight by naming Ron Klain 101914-ebola-neroas Ebola Czar. 

Exciting, right???? An Ebola czar... 

But it might be more useful had Mr. Klain been a doctor or infectious disease expert or even Brad Pitt (being he played one in World War Z), but alas he is just a purely political operative, last seen in the Obama Administration as the croonie who handed out the Stimulus Bill (which, as we may remember, was legendary for being so "wonderfully appropriated"; with much of the monies going to shore up public sector union pensions instead of the shovel ready infrastructure jobs we had earmarked them for), and has no known history in any form of medicine, illness treatment, or viral containment (but he did work for Biden... I guess that counts for something...)


Sowing the Seeds of Destruction

101914-ebola-warningWe briefly addressed the protocol oversights recently by the CDC, the permitting of that one nurse to fly to and from Cleveland (fitting, I might add, that somehow Cleveland gets dragged into the Ebola fight; the former city one of the closest cities we have to the third world. Do you know the streets there are overrun with packs of wild dogs that crave human flesh???). 

It has perplexed many Americans as to the lax sort of hold those in charge of keeping this pillaging invader contained, the radius of fear this virus carries with it expanding with each orgasmic news report decrying such shortfalls (oddly enough though, never once thinking to draw a line from the incompetence on the ground to the head guiding these keystone cops in their noble effort). 

But it hasn't gone unnoticed in Capital Hill, as Senator Rand Paul (front runner in the 2016 GOP race... Granted, he's the only runner so far, but front running is front running...) has started speaking out rather vocally on the situation...

101914-ebola-paulHe spoke to students at Plymouth State University Thursday, claiming Ebola was coming for us all and that the Obama Administration was lying to us; too beholden to political correct dogma and Democratic election politics to effectively combat the disease. 

"This thing is incredibly contagious," Paul said to the students, gathering for a pizza party with the politician,"People are getting it, fully gowned, masked, and must be getting a very tiny inoculum and they are still getting it. And then you lose more confidence because they're telling you stuff that may not be exactly valid and they're downplaying it so much that it doesn't appear that they are being honest about it... If someone has Ebola at a cocktail party they're contagious and you can catch it from them. The Administration should be honest about that... You start to wonder about a basic level of competence..." 

He went on to compare the Administration's claims to this needing bodily fluids to spread misleads (intentionally, by 101914-ebola-catchyhis claim) the public to believing this current plague to be like AIDs, which-unless you're a junkie or a gay male- is relatively difficult to contract. 

Despite the caterwauling of those on the Left hoping to silence the reasoned rebuttals to the head scratching claims of the Administration (claiming it's fine to be near people carrying Ebola so long as they are not puking or bleeding or running a fever or anything), nothing said by Senator Paul seems out of step. This virus has shown itself to be quite taxing to contain, finding clever ways to infect despite our best efforts to avoid it. Fully gowned nurses are the ones currently sweating this out... Nurses following the protocols dictated by our leadership all got it. But we're supposed to be fine... No sweats... 


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