The World fears Robot Armies...

111514-robots-killcartoonIn a time where Islamic radicals and Russian leaders redreaming the old Commie dreams of empire, plague consumes sub-Saharan Africa, and civil unrest bubbles under the surface of every single society on Earth, the Nation's of the world have spoken clearly as to what they see as the greatest fear of the coming future.. 

It ain't global warming... Nor is it economic collapse... 

It's killer robots.

The nation's of the world spoke out in one voice Thursday, demanding that strict controls should be imposed on "Killer Robots"- automated weapons systems capable of identifying and destroying human targets on their own- in order to prevent violations of international law and humanitarian rights. 

Led by the European Union, France, Spain, and the Netherlands,, the coalition held a conference in Geneva, calling for meaningful human controls over lethal robo-weapons, and that the sentiment be enshrined in International Law. 


This is the second such meeting this year, this most recent one echoing loudly the same findings as the first; the international community increasingly terrified at the idea of inhuman armies eventually being the norm. Currently, the use of unmanned drones in combat (a practice the United States is miles ahead of the rest of the world in, with most of their aerial surveillance being done by flying robots needing minimal human interaction) falls under the CCW (Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons), a segment of the Geneva Compact that deals with the impacts of the machines of war on civilian populations.

Judgement Day

111514-robots-t800It's easy to point and laugh, the go to cliche of the nightmare of Terminator coming true; our children forced to a future of scrounging for scraps as they fight their cybernetic conquerors for survival. But that's not the fear here... Their fear is something more realistic... More horrifying (if possible). 

It's happening quietly... It's happening subtly... But it is happening friends, and we should really be scared of it...there is a new arms race heating up out there...

Robot Armies will be a reality in our time. 

It is long thought to be the final move for humanity... The point we empower our machines to eliminate us on their own accord. And as we go flying blind into our scary future of exponentially expanding technological advancement (with it only getting faster), it only makes sense to use these bloodless machines as an augmentation to their already standing human armies... with the intention of eventually surplanting them. Sure they are expensive... But so are soldiers! But unlike soldiers, these robo-warriors are a one time buy and the tech will only get cheaper to produce (with the only real limitation being availability of materials). 

Add to it the now greatly reduced risk to human life in military exercise (a blessing and a curse, as the loss of life and treasure is one of the fundamental reasons to not go to war), and the clearly cut path opens before us to see...

And a large carved up world lays before it. 

It is believed (rightfully so) that the wealthiest nations will be able to field the most vast and advanced robo-soldiers, most likely composing the majority of their invasion forces. Slowly (most experts believe within the next couple decades), the bursting populations of nations like the United Staes and China (both quickly using up what resources they have jot already exhausted or ruined through pollution) will fuel desire to conquer weaker, resource rich nations with these killing machines (the spoils of war more than compensating the cost of the mech army). 


These mechanical warlords will then serve as garrisons to the conquered realms, coldly applying hydronic pressure to the iron grip of the conquerors to the defeated peoples. They don't see these machines as the lovable career opportunities that await American kids (the years of playing Call of Duty paying off) , but the eventual 111514-robots-robocopshackles of enslavement. These machines will not be moved by their cries for justice, for freedom... For their very right to live in peace. They will not suffer the attrition of sectarian rebellion, will not lay awake haunted by the shrieks of the innocent. 

(And if you stupid GI Joes see no harm in this mechanical hell we will eventually unleash upon our neighbors [starting with you, Canada... Don't think we didn't notice those hundreds of acres of delicious, frozen water we can bottle and sell to the Chinese for more a gallon than oil]... These robots will be your garrisons as well; these metal demons more concerned with the orders of their overlords than they are about such silly ideals as Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties...)

There is no Fate but what we make...

The road to the future runs fast beneath us, traveling by momentum others provided. We are perched upon the shoulders of giants, standing upon other Giants that came before... And we can see what lies before us. 

The road to tomorrow isn't dark... It glows bright with the flashes of neon. We know we can't turn back the tide of technological advancement... The glitter of gold will always rule over the pulls of morality, nothing left sacred as the demands of a higher quarter than the last governs every single decision made. We have seen it render industries useless, seen it leave legions impoverished in its wake. Workers cry out for higher wages while companies install automated systems to replace those same workers. We start to see the means by which the eventual end will be rendered... The twisted fantasies of whispered Illuminati plans for population control and utopian visions slowly becoming clearer and clearer. 

We will hoist our own yolks in the end... Applauding this advancement to our soulless demise with new iPhones and driverless cars. No point in even really struggling too hard against it... It's unavoidable... Unstoppable... 


Assimilation... It is the only hope. 



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