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Are we sure we really don't want cops???

1-6-15-cops-tapeAs we begin the New Year still embroiled in this bitter debate over the state of a Law a Enforcement in these United States, leave it to the good states of Florida and Ohio to serve up prime reason as to why exactly we all agreed to love behind the Blue Wall...

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Man slaps the sh*t out of woman on subway...

111314-hitting-silowetA few days ago, the Internet brought forth a video of a woman who decided to shit on the wrong guy's eight ball jacket. And it lives up to every expectation you could have...

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Obama says nothing about marijuana...

obamatrippyI don't usually have anything nice to say about President Obama. 

A double speaking Communist selling his sick agenda of equalized outcomes and shared misery for the masses with lies and clever seduction, it is rare he would say anything that I wouldn't find blood pressure raising, let alone agreeable. 

But in a recent (and lengthy) interview with The New Yorker, the President spoke a little bit on marijuana and I really couldn't find quarrel with it...

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Sexism causes Hurricane Deaths!!!!!

6514-girl-huricaneAs we wade deep into Hurricane season, our minds (or at least mine does, as a resident of the Gulf a Coast) turn to being sure we are prepared for these devastating storms. We've all seen the devastation... The loss of life and ruination of property; living breathing nightmares flashing. Across our televisions in the wake of these true monsters. And In their wake, we always find ourselves in the aftermath of hurricanes asking just what we could have done to better warn the victims of these manifestations of God's wrath. 

And thanks to the University of Illinois, a solution has finally been found...

Stop giving them girl names. 

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Duck Dynasy Star Suspended for being "Anti-Gay"...

phil-robertson-colorizeI have no idea how some duck call widdler from Louisiana managed to get the entire country all whipped up into a frenzy over some rather tired views on gay people, but it did… getting him “Indefinitely suspended” (Corporate speak for “fired but since he has a contract to pay out, we will just shelf him”) and sendiung legions of Duck Dynasty loving Americans into full on protest mode. 

But what manner of insanity brought this all to a head???

It all started on the pages of GQ…. 

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