Man arrested for drinking coffee naked in his kitchen...


naked-man-in-kitchenA Virginia man was arrested Monday for drinking a cup of coffee in his kitchen naked. 

Fairfax county police claim that Eric Williamson, a 29 year old commercial truck driver, was standing in his kitchen at 8:30 am Monday morning drinking a cup of coffee in the nude when a female neighbor and her seven year old son were walking through his front yard and caught a peep.  She then freaked out and called the cops and had the man, who again was inside of his home, arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

For drinking a cup of coffee naked in his kitchen...

Then on Wednesday, Fairfax police went back to Williamson's neighborhood and started handing out flyers and asking his neighbors if they may have ever seen Williamson naked (again, while inside of his own home), further sullying the man's name.

eric-williamsonPolice believe that Eric's little show during breakfast might have been done on purpose and ,considering that the man's house is a few yards away from(and in view of) a school bus stop, arrested the 29 year old and charged him with indecent exposure.  Should any further complaints about the man come forward, then those charges may also be tacked on.  As it is, Williamson faces about a year in jail, a lifetime of being called a "sex offender", and $2000 in fines.

All of this...



A woman and her snot nosed son goes cutting through his yard, looks through his window and sees the man relaxing in his own home and he is to blame???  Not the bitch trespassing and peeping through his window not minding her own fucking business, but the fucking guy drinking coffee in his kitchen naked!!!

Oh, and how is this for the thickening plot... While the police have not released the name of the woman who reported Williamson's breakfast ritual, the local Fox affiliate did learn that the woman conveniently happens to be the wife of a Fairfax county police man (which I am sure made the wheels of justice turn ever so much faster...). Think this lady called the cops to complain or do you think she called her husband and bitched at him until Williamson was fitted for State jewelry. 

Between you and I, this sounds like chicken shit fucking police work.  Some overly protected DC yenta got a look at something that she didn't like (and for some reason I am thinking she might have also had to do some looking) and just had to make the bad man go away.  Score one for the Nanny state!!!

All hail the Nanny State!!!!

Fairfax must be the safest fucking place on God's green Earth, if the Police have nothing better to do with their time than harass people for doing stuff in their own home!!!

Is it kind of a weird thing to do?  It might be... but so is pulling your weeds in your front yard in nothing but a tiny soccer shorts (bag hanging out and all), and my mom's neighbor does it all the fucking time.  But is it illegal is the greater question...


(Of course, watch it come out in the next day or so that Mr. Williamson was not just hanging out in his kitchen, as he claims, drinking a cup of coffee, but rather standing in front of a huge open window- cup of java in one hand and his cock in the other- greeting the neighbors as they walked by.)


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