A Sneak Peak...

Things have been quiet from the little website that could for a little bit. Sorry about that. Getting shitcanned and rebuilding things can take the creative winds out of one’s sails (or at least tie up enough time that he can’t get anything done). 


But nothing stays quiet forever, including this website (not that we make noise… I mean we are still the only retards doing purely text in a world that doesn’t read anymore… let alone the pages of nonsense we’ve churned out over the years… No shit… the articles on aliens alone stagger the mind…).



Nor do I return empty handed.

There were always things in the works that are coming real soon. 


Heres a little sample:

This brief excerpt is from The Revelation of Hunter Jedak, dropping like a sack of hot nickels on November 22, 2017.  I hope you like it.



When the lazy sun began rising over New Orleans, it found Wallace Rodgers already a wreck. 


He hadn't slept well in days, his stomach twisting itself into knots over this weekend; his first steps into the big boy's game. He had covered every inch of this nation, sure; selling out classrooms and hotel conference rooms in every sleepy town he rode into. But this was a different beast all together. He had his usual song and dance scheduled for eleven this morning; a totally booked, hundred person lecture hall that paid an extra 100 a head to have their remote viewing skills enhanced by the master himself. But then, at two, he had a whole new beast altogether to worry about... Opening the conference with a thirty minute speech. It wouldn't be that way the whole tour, their ghost whisperer delayed due to unforeseen family circumstances. But opening slot in New Orleans was all his... 

He had hoped Jedak would have arrived sooner, his eyes giving the speech a quick once over would have made Wallace a bit more comfortable with his material. It wasn't anything too in depth, a brief telling of his own journey in this field. Nothing anyone in that room hadn't already heard before, his decade long career having had him turn up on radio and television constantly saying pretty much the same thing. He used to do things like this earlier in his career, before the classes and seminars became more lucrative for him than speaking. But Marco had talked him back into it; feeling that just having two speakers discussing aliens might be a bit much, even for one show. He had debated spacing himself and Jedak out with Wallace, but the portly man talked him out of it; insisting that the last thing Marco wanted was to have Wallace open for him. 

Wallace paced around his room for a while, body surging with nervous energy, before returning to bed; the time too early for him to rise for the day. He would stare at his phone occasionally as he sat in the graying darkness, glancing at it from the corner of his eye as it rested lifeless on the night table next to him. He wondered where Jedak was, his friend swearing to his arrival that morning. Nervously, he reached for his cigarettes and lighter, resting on the night table by his phone. He sparked a butt, bright yellow and orange lighting up the room before dwindling to the faint glow off the end of his smoke. He took a few deep drags, feeling himself writhe as acids ate an ulcer into his stomach. 

Beside him a woman moaned, stretching beneath the thin hotel sheets as his moving stirred her. 

"Not yet, Wally..." She mumbled, pushing off at air as she rolled a bit before settling back into a peaceful sleep. He stared at her, trying to make out her naked form under the paper thin sheets; excitedly giggling as her perked nipples bubbled up from under the fabric. He took another drag off his cigarette, his hand running over her sheet covered form lightly. His thick fingers glided along her form gently, raising goose pimples on her skin as he brushed over it. He set his cigarette down in a makeshift ashtray he had fashioned out of a small plastic dipping container, turning his attention back to the feminine form beside him. 

He moved himself beside her, her warm naked flesh rubbing soft against his. He moved his massive body against her proportional frame as low sensual moans came from the blankets she hid under. He moved his hands along her side, thick fingers reaching down to grab breast and loose skin and he pulled her close, pressing his groin against her backside. She writhed a little, moaning a bit louder as she felt him grind on her. 

"You can have that later..." She said, half asleep and fighting to stay that way, though her body language spoke different, pushing back as he pressed her tight. He moved his fingers down her chest, tensing her skin as he neared her groin; fine prickly hairs tickling as he started rubbing her...




He could hear his phone buzzing as he rubbed against her. He fought off answering it, her willing body giving him reason enough to do so…




The phone kept ringing, violent buzzing filling the cramped room. Wallace cursed as he pulled away from the woman, reaching over to grab the phone. He could still smell her on his fingers as he answered his phone, leaving a trail of quim as he slid an adventurous finger across the glass. 

"Hello?" He said, the unknown phone number's dialer a mystery to him. 

"Wallace!" He heard over the other end, the voice too excited for predawn. 

"Yea. This Hunter?" Wallace asked, still a bit flustered from his encounter. 

"You know it fucker. Now where are you?" 

"In my hotel room fixing to get laid before you called, you cockblocker. How far out are you?"

He could hear Jedak ask someone else in the car something, the sweet southern voice of a female answering him. 

"We're maybe a half hour out of New Orleans proper. Maybe another ten, fifteen beyond that to get to the Quarter. I assume that's where you're staying?" 

"Does a frog bump his ass when he hops?" Wallace asked noticing his cigarette had burned out. He freed another from his pack, lighting it quickly. 

"So I see you got yourself a ride?" Wallace asked, smoke billowing out his mouth like a dragon. 

"Yea. A good friend came to my rescue. When does this thing get started?" 

"I have a thing at eleven, so I need to get there at ten. You aren’t hitting the stage til after two, so unless you have merch, you can lay low for a bit."

"Yea. We might get a hotel room somewhere. Maybe catch a shower and a bite before I go steal the show," Hunter replied cockily. 

"Steal the show, huh... So I take it you have something good for all of us?" Wallace asked, blindly flicking burnt ash off to the floor. 

"Dude, I have something so fucking wild, I promise you there will be nothing else anyone will talk about leaving this thing." 

"Confident... I like it!" Wallace said, raising his voice a little. It stirred the sleeping woman again, causing her to swing her arm blindly at Wallace. He snickered as she flailed, eventually grabbing her swinging arm and resting it on his crotch. 

"Well, if there isn't anything else," Wallace said, finishing his cigarette as he felt feminine hands tug on his swelling manhood sloppily.

"Nope. In the city and headed your way. I'll send you a text when I get to this place."

"Great. I'll see you then," Wallace said, eagerly ending the call. 

"I want you to fuck me," the woman said to Wallace, uncomfortably reaching behind her as she fondled him. 

"Just a second darling," he said, opening his text messages. He scrolled through the messages, stopping on the thread he needed. 


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